Welcome to Motilal Nehru Public School

Guideline To Parents

1. Any appointment with the teacher/Principal, should be taken in advance through the student dairy, parents are advised to respect theslot given to meet the concerned as stated by the institution.

2. Parents are advised to educate their wards to respect clic rules by not allowing minors to drive two wheelers like motor bike/heavy vehicles.

3. Name and class should beclearly labelled on student's belongings. Lostand found articles will be keptin the office and should be claimed bythe child.

4 . Students who fail to show the remarks/test report and get them counter signed by their parents are liable to be sent home.

5. Parents should inform the school in writing. If there is any change in address Telephone No.

6. Parents are requested to ensure that their wards carry the text/exercise books according to the timetable of the day, excess of which adds excess weight and harms the spine of the child.

7. Please meet the Principal or a teacher whenever you receive a note or a phone call regarding your ward's problem

8. Should there be any legitimate complaint, do not hesitate to meet the Principal at once for personal intervention.

9. Parents are requested not to send their ward when sick/social engagements.

10. Criticism of the teacher or the institution in the presence of their children should be scrupulously avoided because it may cause loss of respect to their teacher as well as the School, further retard his progress.

11. Payment of fees is the responsibility of the parents and it should be paid according to the instruction given below.

12. All payments should be made monthly before 10th of the month.

13. Late payment of the fee shall incur a fine of Rs. 50/- upto the 20th of every month and Rs. 100/- upto the 30th of every month; after that the name will be stuck off from rolls without any Intimation.