Principal's Message

"It is our earnest endeavour to impart our students an all round education which will enable them to develop their personal qualities, to learn adjustability and to think for themselves. Overall we wish them to have respect for knowledge and to gain a true perspective of the ultimate values of life and services. In short, the school aims at the all round development of the child's personality. We hope his years in this school will be the years of fulfilment and happiness. We will try to have close a report between the teachers and students, informal discussions, feild trips, inter-class meetings, teacher-students meetings, co-curricular activites and sport events, help in fosterina close relationship and lasting friendship.Our aim is to provide the latest technology and facility to the students for the all-round developement of students under the able guidance of management & staff and support of near and dear one.
My sincere good wishes to the students and parents."

Smt. Meenakshi